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Beauty Blender Bundle

Beauty Blender Bundle - hayluana

Beauty Blender Bundle

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Beauty blender bundles

1. Dual-purpose: for wet or dry using.
2. The sponge will get bigger after you wash it.
3. Natural material, extra gentle to skin.
4. Fit for all skins, help you create a perfect finish.
5. Soft touch, smooth.
6. Mini size, easy to carry.

Material: sponge
Shape: water drop/bevel
Style: normal size
Used for: foundation, Powder, BB/CC, cream, concealer etc.

Recommended Care:
We recommend to wash 2-3 times a week depending on how much you use it. Put the sponge in a plastic bag and pour an appropriate amount of cleaning solution. After soaking for a few minutes, gently rub them (don't pick them with your nails). After cleaning, put them on a beauty egg holder to dry to prevent mold.

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